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SEO Services Bangalore

SEO Services Bangalore

SEO Services Bangalore: Build your online presence with a trusted SEO agency, SEO Company Bangalore, SEO Consultant. With all of the resources available for SEO, it can be hard to stay on track and maintain a campaign without getting bogged down and losing track of the big picture. PurpleDot Designs is a reputable SEO agency that is able to understand high-level solutions for your business and keep track of your progress through deliverable tasks. Our effective, expert organic SEO services Bangalore include strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation and content marketing – all with a focus on generating leads and growing your business. When working with us, expect complete, customized campaigns, transparency in every aspect of our work and precise lead tracking and validation.

Our SEO Services

Get Transparency in Your Search Engine Optimization Services

We explain your SEO strategy, tactics and results in language companies understand. We want you to see our work, understand what we are doing and why, and get your input whenever possible. The more informed you are, the better your results will be.

Keyword Research

SEO Brand will conduct keyword research based on your needs as a business. The keywords will be broken down into three main match types:

  • Root Keywords: The core keywords are chosen for each page.
  • Phrase Keywords: Keywords that incorporate the root keyword of a given page.
  • LSI (Latent Semantic Index) Matches: These are synonyms related to the root keyword. While Bing and Yahoo focus more on exact match keyword usage for rankings, Google’s algorithm is far more complex and uses contextual meanings as well.

On-Page SEO

This is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic. According to the keyword strategy, our SEO agency experts will advise which pages of your website need to be updated. We ensure that search engines understand the focus keywords for each page. Not only that, we map out all URLs that need to be updated and/ or added to the strategy, including current and recommended meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and h1 tags. Ideally, each page should contain unique title tags and content. Using title tags correctly can help Google rank your website better. For example, h1 headings define a page’s topic for both users and search engines. If an <h1> tag is empty or missing, search engines may rank your page lower than they would otherwise.

Meta descriptions can be seen on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These describe to users what each of your website pages is about. With Meta descriptions, it’s important to highlight relevant keywords. Your message should be clear and contain a call to action as well. After we implement on-page SEO, we will analyze keyword performance to determine which pages and keywords will need a boost. Once completed, we will re-evaluate your on-page SEO every month and resolve any issues found within audits so that your optimization is always up to date with Google’s latest algorithm changes.

Full Technical Audit

Our SEO agency specialists will fix all technical aspects regarding your website to be compliant with all major search engines. Audits are set up via internal programs and by manually navigating through the website. PurpleDot Designs will list issues that need to be addressed, such as duplicate content, crawl errors, and more. We ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and accessible on all formats of desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We improve website loading speed by cleaning up any JavaScript and CSS issues. Additionally, PurpleDot Designs will discover any potential backlinks that have broken – or links that negatively impact your performance on search engines. These links can be disavowed, or unlinked, from your website.

Search engine optimization is spreading its root deep in the world of online marketing. Going back in the time when SEO techniques launched for the first time it created a huge sensation among in online business enterprises. After reaching a saturation point, it is not further growing. The need was too innovative and modify traditional SEO techniques with the dynamic marketing needs. SEO services are mandatory if you want to rank your site better in Google search results.


The first step of our SEO services involve is getting to know you and your business. That way, we can be sure that we understand your goals when it comes to search engine optimization. In doing so, we can also get an idea as to what methods you may have tried in the past or which ones you are currently using. This will also help us to correct any changes that would have affected or dropped your search ranking in the past.


To provide you with the best SEO services Bangalore, we do a thorough analysis of your website. Some of the important things we check are whether or not the site has ever been by search engines, the code structure like title tags, header tags, meta description, URL canonicalization, and the load speed. Our team will also check for bad links, duplicate title pages, improper anchor texts, and determine what changes need to be made to the website itself, it is only after thoroughly examining of your site that we will be able to develop an in-depth SEO strategy.

SEO Services/SEO Consultant


  • Varying level of details and complexities
  • Provide report on various issues on pages
  • Addressing evident on-page issues such as missing titles and lack of Content
  • Evidencing the smaller issues which could detriment the image of website


  • Optimize on pages to gain credit
  • Complete on-pages SEO analysis
  • Addressing issues on fundamental elements like Page Titles, Headings, Content, Content Organization, Internal Link etc…
  • Basic level of campaign targeting home page and some important pages on the website
  • Detailed level guide for ongoing changes to the on-page optimization
  • Creating innovative content for the website and incorporating clever keywords


  • Crucial piece of SEO
  • Improves traffic to the responsive website
  • Building pure thematic link from the websites related to your business
  • Analyzing potential websites to gauge robustness and relevance
  • Combination of Number of sites linking to you, words used to describe your site in the links,
  • The relevance of sites linking i.e. how well they relate to your website, search engine ranking of the sites linked to you.